Donald Gallagher of Argo bought $1764.19 of crystals from DNA Alchemy in May of 2009.

In September a person named "Ron" emailed me with the general question "would you give me a volume discount" on $300. I emailed back yes for special customers and provided him with a discount on future purchases. Next, I received another email from "Ron" who asked me what kind of discount I would give on $700, next "Ron" emailed and asked what kind of discount I would give on $1,700.00 Within 3 minutes of answering "Ron's" email, I received an email from DONALD J. GALLAGHER who informed me that I could CREDIT his American Express Card with $500.00. I realized that I was being Pfished by "Ron" and Donald J. Gallagher of Argo.

I told Mr. Gallagher that his transation was 4 months ago and it was completed. I further told Mr. Gallagher that he was not due a discount because coupons are for furture purchases and cannot be applied to past purchases, especially 4 months old.


Valerie Phillips, Owner of DNA Alchemy

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This story does not add up. This site is for consumers not merchants.

How To Know You're Being Pfished

It appears to be an email from your bank: it has the bank logo and links to click for you to enter your username and log on. Later, you learn that you've been tricked: your bank would not ask you to enter personal identifying information into a clickable link on an unsecured site. It's called pfishing. Unfortunately, pfishing is the product of a *** operation that is designed to make you give up your financial or personal information. Once they receive it, they use the information to empty your bank account or run up charges on your credit cards. And it all happens before you can do anything about it.

They should get their story straight as it is full of contradictions.


Before people make any comments they should have all the facts. The truth is that I have know and done business with DNA Alchemy for over 4 years and have become personal friends with Valerie. I personally have been in business for over 10 years and seen numerous tactics where people try to scam the seller in giving them all or part of their money back to them (i.e. the purchaser). I have also seen the email corresponded between DNA Alchemy and the person issuing the complaint. It is obvious the victim is really Valerie and her business and not this other person (Argo, Donald, Ron which ever name they are going by now).

In fact a person name Ron, if that is their real name contacted DNA Alchemy in September 2009 inquiring on volume discounts that they could get if they purchase x amount of dollars. Of course Valerie supplied this person (Ron) with a discount coupon for purchases to be made in Sept 2009 or beyond. DNA Alchemy immediately received another email from a totally different person (Donald) demanding $547.12 dollars to be refunded to him for his purchase made back in May of 2009. HA let me think here……..! Lets see, Ron gets a 30% volume discount in September of 2009 for his future purchases and Donald, Argo whatever his real name is… wants to use Ron’s coupon for his previous purchase made in May of 2009!!!!! ??????? To me, this is a SCAM to get money out of Valerie and her company. So who is really getting victimize here “Valerie”.

They the accuser also indicates that the product was damaged, so why are they waiting 4 month later to complaint about this, when they should have inform DNA Alchemy back in May of 2009 which is when they received the product. My personal experience when I have received product from DMA Alchemy is that they are each separately wrapped and put in a Hard Cardboard Shipping Box, in fact some of the Crystals, depending on what you buy, are also put into a personalized hand made pouch. I have never received any broken products. The truth is I have the highest regard for Valerie and DNA Alchemy business and I am honored to have done business with her and her business. I have never met a person with her integrity, honesty and her wiliness to help others. It simply amazes me that someone would try to destroy her business just because she would not pay SCAM dollars to the SCAMMERS……..

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